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Photo Memorial Box – Gold Frame

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These beautiful bereavement keepsake box measures 23 x 16cm and are 8cm deep, making it the perfect size to store any photos, jewelry or letters left behind by a loved one.

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Bereavement Keepsake Box

Bereavement keepsake box gold frame is a beautiful way to store keepsakes of a departed loved one.

Because sometimes cards, notes and trinkets are all you have left it is important to store these safely. This bereavement box not only stores these precious mementos but also displays a photo of your loved one.

Keepsake Box

We have a large range of personalised bereavement keepsake box designs which can be viewed here.
Because we understand that you want the perfect bereavement keepsake box we offer a fully customised design service. Contact us here to discuss the creation of your perfect design.

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Please note: low resolution photos cannot be improved. Because images saved from social media are generally compressed and lower quality you should always upload the original photograph. WE CANNOT IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR IMAGE

Pictures taken from a distance work best for us to be able to crop appropriately. Because we adjust and crop your image to fit the bereavement keepsake box you have chosen.

Finally, you are solely responsible for the images you upload to us for your bereavement keepsake box. By uploading you agree that you own the copyright to the images uploaded and release Chain Valley Gifts from any infringement claims.

Also UV printing is a durable, environmentally friendly and long lasting alternative to other personalised printing methods. Read more about the printing process used to create your bereavement keepsake box here.