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Birth Date Map – Distance Means So Little

$42.99 inc GST

Our wood heart map is a beautiful keepsake gift showcasing your Children’s/ Grandchildren’s name and location of birth.

This design comes with the saying “Distance means so little because you mean so much”.

UV printed directly onto 6mm thick Birch Plywood each plaque measures 48cm x 24cm and is light enough to be hung on the wall with 3M removable strips.


Please type exactly what you want printed.
Please use an exact address for the maps, vague addresses such as just a suburb will make the map show a larger geographical area.

In stock

Name for top line *

Eg: Poppy

Number of Heart (Up To 6) *

Details for First Heart: Location/Name *

Please separate location and name with a comma Eg: Harry Moore Drive, Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259, Amy Elizabeth

Details for Second Heart: Location/Name *

Details for Third Heart: Location/Name *

Details for Fourth Heart: Location/Name (If Requested)

Details for Fifth Heart: Location/Name (If Requested)

Details for Sixth Heart: Location/Name (If Requested)