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Hex Wood Photo Prints – Set of 5

$69.99 inc GST

Make a totally unique photo display with this set of five hexagonal wood photo prints. Each hex measures 17.5cm x 15 cm and allows you to create endless layouts to showcase your special memories.

All are printed with high quality UV inks on 6mm light weight Poplar plywood to have them sit proud of the wall.

In stock

Additional Hex prints *

Photos for additional Hex prints will need to be emailed to admin@chainvalleygifts.com.au


Hexagon Photo Prints – Set of 5

We suggest you use 3M Velcro mounting tapes to hang these prints. This easily allows you to rearrange or re-position the prints.

We take care in choosing wood with no knots to give your print smooth surfaces. Due to the beautiful nature of wood, the grain may vary the colours of your image slightly which only ads to the rustic charm of wooden prints.

Image Upload

Low resolution photos cannot be improved. Images saved from social media are generally compressed and lower quality you should always upload the original photograph. If you are unsure of the quality of your photograph we suggest you print it on your home printer in the size of the product you are ordering. If this prints pixelated then your wood/acrylic print will also appear pixelated – WE CANNOT IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR IMAGE

Pictures taken from a distance work best for us to be able to crop appropriately. We adjust and crop your image to fit the size wood of the design you have chosen.

You are solely responsible for the images you upload to us. By uploading you agree that you own the copyright to the images uploaded and release Chain Valley Gifts from any infringement claims.
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