Double Sided Wallet Card

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This beautiful wallet card takes your handwritten note and favourite photo and puts them onto this beautiful metal card for your loved one to keep with them at all times. Measuring 86mm x 55mm they are the same size as a standard credit card, making them fit into all normal wallets.

To have your own handwriting printed onto this, all you need to do is take a photo of the letter or note you have written and upload it when ordering. We will then be able to print the note and the photo for an extra personalised touch.

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Photo Wallet Card

These metal photo wallet cards are a great idea for keeping photos safe in your wallet. Our wallet cards are guaranteed to outlast your usual paper wallet photos. The photo quality is amazing, providing you upload a high quality image.  On the rear side of the wallet card we will print a message of your choice. An ideal way to store your precious photos of your loved one without worrying about the photos getting damaged.

Because our photo wallet cards are the same size as a normal credit card, measuring 86mm x 55mm. They will fit into any normal wallet.

Besides wallet cards we have a large range of personalised gifts which can be viewed here.

Image Upload

Low quality images for your photo wallet card cannot be improved.  Please note, images saved from social media are generally compressed and lower quality. You should always upload the original photograph. Pictures taken from a distance work best for us to be able to crop appropriately.

You are solely responsible for the images you upload to us for your photo wallet card. By uploading you agree that you own the copyright to the images uploaded. Therefore, releasing Chain Valley Gifts from any infringement claims