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personalised gym sign, custom gym sign

Fitness Centre Sign

$45.00 inc GST

Our Personalised Gym Sign is the perfect motivational accessory for your fitness sanctuary! This laser-cut sign is expertly crafted using premium materials, showcasing a combination of style and durability that will inspire you during every workout.

Customise your sign with your name, favourite fitness quote, or mantra, transforming it into a powerful reflection of your personal fitness journey. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness adventure, this sign serves as a constant reminder of your goals and the determination to achieve them.

Hang it proudly on your home gym wall, fitness studio, or training space, instantly adding a touch of motivation and inspiration to your surroundings. Every time you step into your workout area, let this personalised sign ignite your passion and drive to push harder and achieve greatness.


Eg. No Pain No Dain Shut Up And Train


Please note that the MDF signs are only suitable for indoor use. If you are thinking of painting your sign then you should choose the raw MDF option which is best for painting.